Jewelry Care

Maintaining the shine of your jewelry as the first day is very easy, you just have to follow our recommendations. Despite the fact that all our jewels have been treated with specific techniques to maintain their initial appearance, they will lose their shine if they are not properly cared for, cleaned and stored.


 To preserve shine, we recommend not exposing them to cosmetic products or perfumes. It is also recommended that you take off the jewelry to sleep, to carry out any activity that involves sweating, swimming and in the shower.

   For the conservation of the gold bath, it is essential not to wet the jewels, since wetting them reduces the duration of the gold bath and means the loss of the guarantee.


   If your intention is to recover the shine of your Silver jewelry, you should simply rub them gently with a specific microfiber cloth. You can use a small amount of neutral soap mixed with warm water and rub your jewelry with a soft brush delicately. 

Silver jewelry with a gold plating should only be gently cleaned with a specific microfiber cloth for cleaning jewelry, without applying any liquid or product.


   We recommend not leaving jewelry in places with direct exposure to sunlight or in humid places, as exposure to these factors can damage your jewelry. We advise you to store your jewelry in the pouches and or boxes in which you received our jewelry. 


   Boho soul does not ensure that the gold plating of the products lasts forever. Gold-plated pieces are more delicate and liable to lose colour over time, especially if the care indicated in the previous sections are not carried out.

   The duration of the gold bath will depend on different factors such as sweating, improper use, the PH of the skin or the use of cosmetic products and perfumes. Gold-plated jewelry requires special care.

   In case your jewelry has lost the gold plating earlier than you expected, please contact our customer service team via email so that we can assess the case.